Mac (Maculate) Lotze grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where he developed a deep love for hip hop, funk, rock and drumming.  In 2002, he moved out to Colorado where he fell in love the second his fingers touched a turntable for the first time.

In 2006, he moved out to Shanghai, China where he became Creative Director for the media company Soulfire and started the hip hop duo Evil Einsteins with MC One Consciousness.  The duo would go on to tour across China with their eclectic mix of hip hop, funk and electronic music, punctuated by their energetic performances at Midi Festival, the oldest running festival in China.

Maculate began VJing in 2008 after becoming fascinated with VJs mixing at the underground club, Logo and seeing old black and white footage being expertly synced with modern electronic music.  This juxtaposition between the classic and the modern would become a staple in Maculate's work, from cinema to animation to old black and white dance footage. 


He became a fixture in the music scene in Shanghai, VJing for underground party series like Baijiu Robot and for Midi Festival and becoming a resident DJ at several clubs, including Dada.  In 2010, Maculate started editing Music Videos, breaking into the Ghetto Funk music video scene creating videos for Sol Rising, Slynk, Father Funk and many others.


In 2013, he returned to his hometown of Pittsburgh to get his Masters at Carnegie Mellon University in Entertainment Technology.  At CMU, Maculate created interactive soundtracks for interactive experiences and directed DJ music games like Muzilla, Final Vinyl and The Drop winning the top award in the program, The Randy Pausch Award.  While at CMU, Maculate continued making music videos, collaborating with artists like Redman, The Bloody Beetroots, A. Skillz and Andromulus who Mac worked with to make a Rick and Morty Music Video which has over 8 million views to date.

 After graduating in 2015, he moved to NYC to work on Virtual Reality Music Videos at Viacom for artists like Billy Corgan, as well as creating several other interactive games and experiences including the world's first album available exclusively in VR, The Melody of Dust, which premiered at South By Southwest.

In 2018 Mac moved back to Pittsburgh to help start the Pittsburgh Funk Fam and began residencies at iconic clubs like Tilden while designing custom audio visual events for organizations like The Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre .  In 2020, Maculate and the rest of the DJ world discovered Twitch where he quickly built a following due to his unique custom music video experience and for his weekly Friday party series: Funklectic.  In August, Maculate became an Official Artist for the Global Funk Fam and was invited to collaborate on Music Videos with top names in the scene like Krafty Kuts, The Nextmen, and The Funk Hunters.